Do You Know the Best Strategies for Investing in Real Estate?

If you are savvy investor you probably have a very good idea what you are looking for and what your investment strategy is: whether it is to “Buy and Hold” or “Fix and Flip” or “Wholesale” or perhaps some combination of both or all three for others…

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Another popular strategy investing in real estate is being a private lender. The investor/lender benefits from investing in to secure real estate investments backed up by a note and the mortgage while enjoying fixed double digits rates of return (stats data 2017) compare to traditional security investments with very low rate of return such as CD, Fixed Annuities, Corporate and Governments Bonds or very unpredictable and unstable rate of returns from Stocks and Mutual Funds.

The market never proceeds in a straight line. No one knows when the next recession will hit and how big it will be, and that’s why most private lenders prefer to invest with Self-Directed IRAs or 401ks. It allows them to truly diversify and moving at least some of the funds off Wall Street and into something tangible like real estate.

Investors should follow regulations and guidelines set by State Securities Department and/or Federal SEC when raising private capital.

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Disclaimer: Fast Home Solutions LLC, Detroit Real Estate Education and its affiliates do not provide tax, retirement plans, legal, private lending or securities advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide tax, retirement plans, legal, private lending, public or private offering on raising capital. You should consult your own legal advisors before engaging in any transaction.