Women Entrepreneurs Succeed In Real Estate Investing

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We all know (or should) that ‘reality’ TV shows about real estate aren’t that real. It is Hollywood after all. Yet, there are many women who are finding great success in real estate investing…in the real world. How are they doing it?

Country Living recently released a new report on how real women entrepreneurs are making money in real estate. It may not be as glamorous as on TV, but they are making it happen in a big way.

This includes Chicago-based Adela Mizrachi, who flipped two houses in the last year and a half, and reports she has already made $117,000 so far. Says Mizrachi, “I should write a book called ‘What HGTV Isn’t Telling You.”

In Oklahoma, Jamie Crouch has been a real estate broker and property manager for 14 years. So far she has made over $200,000, and owns four homes which she says will be her retirement. Female entrepreneur Nichole Stohler, has been investing in real estate for eight years. Although her first attempts at house flipping weren’t successful, she says she has quadrupled her money since 2012 by investing in multifamily and a hotel. Landlord Keisha Blair has been focused on becoming a rental property landlord, and currently owns properties in Canada and New York.

Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran may not be your average investor, but before she became famous, she got started by borrowing just $1,000 to get her real estate license. She  turned that into a $70M-plus enterprise. Other professional women like Velma Trayham have used other highly successful careers to pivot into real estate. An award-winning author, CEO, and entrepreneur, Velma transitioned into helping others by flipping distressed houses, and has been doing several flips per month. Owner of Realty411 Magazine, Linda Pliagas, similarly leveraged her success in publishing to begin investing in real estate for herself.

If you asked any of these women how they made it happen, they would tell you that they, like any successful real estate investor, didn’t do it alone.

Successful real estate investing is built on a solid network – whether it’s with partners, team members, contractors, or anyone involved in the execution of a great real estate deal. Connecting with a network is easier than ever with the real estate tech available today.