Finding Wholesale Deals During the Holidays

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After the tryptophan sets in Thanksgiving day, many real estate investors to go into shut down mode. As the weather cools and social obligations stack up, priorities shift and motivation wanes…

Too many investors won’t regain their focus until the New Year after looking at their bank accounts or credit card statements and seeing the holiday damage. Big Mistake! You see, when the competition is sleeping is the time to pounce! So if you’re looking to find your first wholesale deal, or close out the year strong you should be doing anything but shutting it down.

Why the Holidays are a Great Time to Find Wholesale Deals
Motivated Sellers

Let’s face it. The holidays while meant to be a joyous time can really put a strain on one’s finances. Family gatherings, dinners, travel, and of course gifts all cost money. The homeowner who has a distressed property or rental unit that gives them more headache than passive income may look at your offer as being just in the nick of time. Family get-togethers can remind everyone of the estate property that needs to be sold. Before you, the wholesaler, knocked on their door they may have never realized they could sell the property in 2 weeks for all cash.